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Tony - being rehomed by Ruff Luck - please check out Ruff Luck Facebook page for more on Tony and read up on the breed.
Please ensure you have also read the post from a few days ago & had a research of the link I posted to give you a little knowledge on the breed Tony is a mix of before you even think about applying This boy needs the correct home Name : Tony Breed : catahoula leopard dog mix ( exactly what his printed on his registration papers ) Age : 2.5 years old Neutered : yes Vaccinated: yes Microchipped : yes Flea/ wormed : yes other dogs : possibly we are still further testing Cats : ABSOLUTE NO Kids : NO Tony is an import from Oklahoma, he was brought here by a family in the military since arriving here the family have split & one party has moved back to the states leaving Tony with the other family member sadly in a 7th floor flat where he has become to much because of the situation of having children & a small flat where he was kept crated way to much , he became frustrated & the owner felt the only way forward was to book him to be put to sleep as she was unable to cope any longer , thankfully for Tony a great network of rescue teams put out an urgent appeal for help & I’ve got to say before we committed to help I sat for hours reading about the breed & speaking to people in the dog world as it’s a breed I’ve never dealt with before , I’ve met the breed & had brief chats with the owner who visits our off lead paddocks , we decided to take Tony in to save him having his young life ended Tony has settled well into kennels & don’t seem at all stressed , he’s eating well & enjoying his walks & playtime He is very very energetic & needs lots of exercise & stimulation so will need a very active home who can give him what he needs & deserves He also will need someone who won’t leave him home alone for stupid amounts of hours daily it wouldn’t be fair on him as he’s already spent lots of time crated over the months He gets very excited when he goes out a will at time do a bit of excited squealing this only lasted for a minute or two His eyes are everywhere in the woods he has an incredibly high prey drive when he spots squirrels , birds etc he is not a dog to be off lead at this point & can’t say if he ever would be without really structured training He is a little pully on lead but nothing uncontrollable so will definitely need more work on that with any new owner He is fairly clean in his kennel so I should imagine housetraining will come fairly easy to him in a new home He absolutely can NOT live with cats or small furry animals He will NOT be homed with children as he has got grumbly with resident children so it’s not a risk we would take ( he has never bitten ) He is definitely NOT a dog for first time owners he would need a home who has good experience of high energy breeds who is prepared to put in some training He has not been destructive in anyway at kennels with his bedding or toys He will need a home with a decent size garden with 6ft minimum fencing ..... good fencing Training / socialisation classes would really benefit him He walks fine in groups with other dogs here & was held overnight with a foster who had two other dogs & caused no problem at all He could possibly live with another dog if introductions were correct & the dogs hit it off We have all walked him here at kennels & had no problems with him He has been really well behaved albeit full of life but hardly surprising after not getting out much & confined to a crate in a flat which none of it is his fault We will be giving it a 100% to find him the right home so please can I ask again before you consider applying think long & hard so we don’t waste each other’s time but most importantly we get the best outcome for Tony with minimal disruption for him On our website www.ruffluckrescue.org you will find a guide of questions to help with your email enquiry Once you have read this then send us your info via email to : thedogtrustees@gmail.com If you don’t give us the info we require we can’t proceed with your application We will go with the home who can’t offer him the best & what he requires upon meeting him Homechecks & adoption donation apply

If you would like to help Tony, please contact us.