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Louie - 11 year old cross breed

Louie is looking for a human companion after losing his Mommy – she regrettably died recently after spending several weeks in hospital.

11 year old Louie is currently in foster care with us but what he really wants is a loving human companion of his own,  where he can live out the remainder of his life surrounded by love and affection with a nice comfy bed to snuggle up on, in the warm. 

That said - don't think Louie is just a couch potato - oh no - he has plenty of life in him - he loves to go for his walks, is very pleased and excited to see you when you get home and he loves to play ball! 

Louie has been fine around any dogs he has met whilst in foster care, similarly he has also been fine with children he has met  – HOWEVER – as he has never lived with either – at 11 years old we are not going to change this and he is looking for a home as only dog with no children - although visiting older children who are OK around dogs would be fine. Louie is currently in foster care and living with a cat.

Louie Is good on the lead despite he can pull a little when he wants to, travels well in the car, has been good in the house. Whilst he is fine to be left for short periods Louie would like someone who can be around for him as much as possible.


If you feel you would like to help Louie or would just like more information then please get in touch.
Louie is being re-homed via PATTERING PAWS VOLUNTARY RESCUE
Call Debbie 0121 384 5136 / 07856 927546 
E Mail: patteringpaw2011@hotmail.co.uk 


If you would like to help Louie, please contact us.