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Charlie - 8 year old shih tzu
Charlie has come into our care after his Mom died and his Dad was unable to look after him.
For the last 9 months Charlie has been living with extended family however he is not happy around the children in the household and is very possessive where human food is concerned - he has not as yet done anything wrong but we don't want to leave it until he feels he needs to take maters into his own hands and it is felt Charlie would be better where there are no children.
Charlie is fine around other dogs when out although as he has only ever been only dog in the house and with his love of his food we feel at his age he would be best as only doggie in the household.
Charlie is good on lead, has been ok off lead although he can have very selective hearing so caution needs to be used when he is off lead - and especially again where there are children - particularly if they have food!
He is house trained and travels well in the car. He prefers company but is ok to be left for very short periods.
Charlie can be a little grumpy old man when he wants to be - again especially when there is food around especially human food. He can also be a little grumpy when meeting new people too so will need an experienced owner who can deal with this - someone who will be firm but fair with him!  He can also be a very loving little boy. He would prefer a nice quiet calm environment to retire too!
If you feel you have the experience, have no children either living or visiting and would like to help Charlie with his forever retirement home then please get in touch!
Charlie is being re-homed via PATTERING PAWS VOLUNTARY RESCUE
Call Debbie on 07856 927546 or 0121 384 5136
E mail: patteringpaws2011@hotmail,co.uk 

If you would like to help Charlie, please contact us.