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SKIP - 12 month old cross breed

Meet Skip, he is estimated to be not long turned 1 year old but very much still a young puppy at heart.

Skip came into our care as a stray so back ground information is very limited but whilst in our care we have got to know lots about this delightful boy and he has many good attributes to shout out about:

* Despite some basic training being required Skip is very eager to please and quick to learn, anyone prepared to put the time and effort in will soon reap the rewards.

* Skip is fully house trained and has been absolutely fine being left for a few hours at a time. To date Skip has been crated over night and whilst left during the day as a pre-caution but he takes himself off to his crate on an evening when tired and shows no signs of anxiety whilst crated. He has also shown no signs of destruction within the house and with maturity we expect he will be fine to be left in the home.

* There has been no sign of any aggression within Skip. Everyone, human or animal, he has come into contact with he has been super loving towards. At this early stage in his life Skip can become overwhelmed with contact and becomes very excitable, sometimes too excitable, therefore there are restrictions to his rehoming.

* Skip absolutely adores a fuss and a cuddle and has so much love to give in return.

However, as always there are areas that Skip finds challenging although with some work, experience and maturity we believe these can be overcome:

* As mentioned above Skip can become very excitable. This quickly leads to puppy mouthing but if not controlled and excitement continues this can lead to an intense grip. For this reason Skip will not be rehomed with young or doggie unexperienced children.

* Skip also suffers from car sickness. That said, for a young boy who was instantaneously frothing at the mouth at the sight of a car, within a week he was jumping in the car unaided and managing very short journeys to the park. It is believed that with continued work this anxiety can be overcome.

* Who knows what Skip has been through but he is manic over food. He is in constant watch of any source of food and given half a chance will help himself. This is a bonus as a training aid but again why young children will not be an option for Skip’s new home.

* Skip has shown signs of possessiveness whilst out on walks with other dogs over balls and sticks. He 90% of the time walks well with doggie companions but again can become over excited. With this in mind and his obsession over food it has been decided that Skip needs to be the only dog in the home at this time.

Overall Skip is the most adorable young boy you could meet. Everyone who has met Skip has fallen for his loving charms but unfortunately to date they have not been able to offer Skip the home that he needs and so deserves. If you think you can offer Skip the support and love he needs then please get in touch.

Skip is being re-homed via PATTERING PAWS VOLUNTARY RESCUE
if you would like to help Skip or would just like more information then please get in touch
Call Debbie 07856 927546 / 0121 384 5136 
E mail: patteringpaws2011@hotmail.co.uk 

If you would like to help SKIP, please contact us.